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By Maria H. Loh February 25, 2020


Financial Times

Jackie Wullschläger JANUARY 3 2020

Why 2020 Promises a Revolution for Women in Art


By Sarah Douglas February 25, 2020 6:10pm

ADAA Art Show Has Highest-Ever Number of Solo Booths by Women Artists

VOGUE Arts & Lifestyle

By Hettie Judah JANUARY 12 2020

Will 2020 Be The Year For Women Artists?

Texas Monthly

By Jennifer White FEBRUARY 2003

30 Texas Women

–have a reputation that precedes them.

ArtNet News

Sarah Cascone, February 13, 2020

This Artist-Activist Is Asking Women Artists to Raise Their Prices by 15 Percent to Fight the Art World’s Gender Pay Gap

On view through August 16 at the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas


April 10 2019

Half-Painted Illustrations Point Out Gender Pay Disparity

The New York Times, Art & Design

By Julianne McShane March 12, 2020

Women’s Art Is Every Kind of Art

Action painting, textiles, photography — any medium female artists have tried, they’ve excelled in. Now an exhibition in Boston is giving them credit.

Artsy, Art Market

Taylor Whitten Brown

Mar 8, 2019 12:25pm

Why Is Work by Female Artists Still Valued Less Than Work by Male Artists?

ArtNet News People

Katie White, November 27, 2019

These 8 Female Artists Only Saw Their Careers Catch Fire Well Into Their 80s. Here’s How They Finally Got Their Due

Good things come to those who wait.

San Antonio Express News


Deborah Martin Feb. 6, 2020

“Texas Women: A New History of Abstract Art” opening at San Antonio Museum of Art.”

Female Artists Made Little Progress in Museums Since 2008, Survey Finds in the past decade, only 11 percent of all work acquired by the country’s top museums was by women.



August 1, 2019

At Auction, Returns for Works by Women Artists Are Outmatching Those of Men

The Guardian

Guardian Staff Sep 19 2019

Only 2% of global art auction spending is on work by women

A new report finds women’s work still underrepresented in the art world, with only 11% of art purchased by institutions female-made

Female Artists Represent Just 2 Percent of the Market. Here’s Why—and How That Can Change

The market for work by women doubled over the past decade. But it’s still less than the total sales for Picasso alone.