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Silvia Felizia is an abstract artist who was born and raised in Argentina and currently resides in the United States. She studied Graphic Design in Buenos Aires and worked in the industry as a freelance artist until moving abroad in mid 1990s. During the first years away from her home country Silvia started self-educating in visual arts. Later, while living in Thailand, she learned the ancient techniques of mosaic art, which she mastered after years of practice and continues to apply to some of her paintings. Felizia’s bold compositions explore the relationship between past and present. With a rich harmony of texture and color, she builds layer upon layer to showcase the entire creative process, forming bridges of interaction between memories, emotions and experiences. Abstract and emotive, strong and vulnerable, Felizia’s body of work is drawn from her life story and the many places she has lived, including Buenos Aires, Kyiv, Bangkok, London and Houston.
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